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16 Words That Mean Something Totally Different If You’re A lesbian

Nash Grier uploaded this vine to his incredibly popular account over the weekend and then deleted it shortly afterwards.

A look into the experiences of bisexual women who happened to fall in love with men

Graphics by Chris Ritter

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Why HIV Drug Costs Are Spiking Under Obamacare

In January, David Pable received some unsettling news from the pharmacy that handles his mail-order prescriptions: The out-of-pocket cost for a month’s supply of Prezista, one of his HIV medications, was now $395.
Previously, he had been charged a flat monthly co-pay of $24.

15 Words You Can Use As An Equivalent To Cock Block, Ladies

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A Breakdown Of The Sexiest Parts Of The Human Body


25 Badass Vintage Photographs Of Female Firefighters


This photo series of brides seeing their brides for the first time might make you cry in the best possible way.